Mary Alouette New York, New York

vocals. gypsy jazz. django reinhardt. beats.

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Track Name: Runnin'
Down the track a mission
We're hittin' it fast
No one can stop me
Dare do they top me
The bugle calls at last

Under force and fire
Desire forms ash
The crackle, the spark
The true lover's mark
Burns a gaping gash

Get runnin', get runnin,
Get runnin' now
The dust is a rush
Get runnin' now
Break the gates and go

The road is bent and beggin'
For steady a bite
Muster the match
Give 'em a catch
Run into the light
Track Name: O Be I Your Bluebird
O be I your bluebird
Be your whistlin' trails
From the tiger scratch
To the round rump tails
O be I stayin' by you

O be you the treetop guide
Though skies stretch by, and how wide
You take my wings
And plume them so fair
So to fly to seas afar

O to join your native plight
To dig roots down and deep
So to raise your stories
How glory be
To graft to you want I

O to bloom the blue
To bustle and chirp the song
The blue's the sky and sea
And me
I'll be your bluebird
Track Name: Blue Violet
Stagger to the blue
Gilded sky, how high
Life on the ground
How silent the sound
Wonder up above

Just below the air
Circus horse, white hair
Life in the clouds
How sweeter the sound
Saw how this is love

Oh, Blue Violet
Showed forever in a day
Her indigo flow
I needed to know
To rise like Ganymed
Track Name: Blue Drag
Blue drag
It sure is dragging me down
I'm almost tagging the ground
When I hear that blue drag

Oh baby, that slow drag
It's got that new lazy swing
I crave that new crazy thing
I must have my blue drag

Oh, the rhythm, the rhythm
Has got me into this mysterious craze
Oh, the rhythm, the rhythm
Has got me into this peculiar daze

I can't get enough of blue drag
It's got my soul on fire
I know that I'll never tire
Of that low-down blue drag
Track Name: Ben's Boots
Ben's belt of bullets on her bed
Made for awkward conversation
Through his army get-up toe-to-head
Elle got a different education
He laced her in his boots and said,
"Over yourself seek domination."
Elle chose no violence, took the truth instead
There she found admiration

Elle brought the opera to the street
An alternative sophistication
Ben's boots pumped power to her feet,
Her soul - a staggering elation
Elle lived for art, a cause complete
And delivered it with love to the nation
And anything that came to break her beat
Turned to good through her imagination

The boots set out on the Montreal ice
To walk an ambition expedition
The winter wonderland turned into paradise
Elle turned in to Midas, the magician
Thus, she learned to flaunt her saunter
In the boots that walked a mission
And the kids from the Belle Province came to join her
In a new rendition of tradition